An Evening With Mercedes

Mercedes is not only the beautiful, blonde haired, full of life kiddo you see pictured here- she is also my cousin. It is always a treat to have her over to our house in Bridgewater- especially when she is able to stay for lengths of time. Following the dinner she had requested, hot dogs and mac-n-cheese, we got all cleaned up so that she could try on the new dress she had picked out for this evening session. Making sure our grandmother was comfortable at my home, feet propped up and all, we ventured down to the arboretum below my house. Mercedes is unique and beautiful in many ways for a seven-year-old but especially being that she is not shy in front of the camera. Even though it was 83 degrees and extremely humid- she never once complained. Her liveliness and genuine soul came out in our brief Friday evening session. Memories are always made when the three of us are together. What a blessing cousins are!

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