A senior session for the books

Wow.. where to start! I have known Sarah for quite some time. Sarah's mother has graciously watched my little brothers on occasion for years which has allowed me to familiarize myself with Sarah and her family. When we were contacted to do Sarah's photos, I have to admit, I was very excited. I hadn't had the chance to really be around Sarah for lengths of time, but the time I had spent around her I could tell she was a very laid-back, sweet girl. These attributes were only later confirmed through the experience we had with Sarah. Her willingness to try new, different, out-of-the-box poses is something we as photographers love. She was never once apprehensive to our artistic ideas and fully trusted us as photographers. Throughout the session I was able to talk to Sarah one-to-one. After observing through conversation how responsible and driven she is at such a young age, I left the session very grateful for having done her senior photos. Enjoy these special moments of this one of a kind, stunning senior!

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