When two become one -- Kelaher Wedding

I think it's safe to say anyone would agree that a forecast of 52 degrees and no rain for a Saturday in January is a rare occasion. Such as this being unheard of-- Kyle and I quickly learned the comfortableness and love that Lou and Monica share is also rare.

In a brief exchange of words taken place before the ceremony I overheard someone ask Lou a common question asked before anyone gets married. Even though I do not remember the exact wording of the question- I remember Lou's immediate response. His response to how marriage will go was, "It'll be just like the past seven years." This response resonated with me. Marriage is not an act that creates or establishes love. Love is something you share regardless and marriage is simply another way of expressing such special love.

In the brief time we were able to spend with Lou and Monica the importance of family and faith were especially noted. Both Lou and Monica, along with their children, made Kyle and I immediately feel at ease. This ease was accompanied with commonality as we learned they were also a JMU Duke family.

We wish nothing but the best for this lovely couple. Thank you for allowing us to capture your special day and making us feel at home.

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