Babies -- A little bit of heaven sent down to earth -- Dallas & Caroline

I think we can all agree that anytime you are around a newborn you are in the presence of a little miracle. Kyle and I had the pleasure of being around two little miracles as Emily & Justin and Sam & Daniel introduced us to their pride and joy's- Caroline & Dallas. The two hours spent with these little ones were worth every little fuss and especially, every little grin that we were able to capture. Knowing Emily & Justin for two years and having the greatest privilege to photograph them for their anniversaries and maternity photos- we couldn't have been more happy to meet their beautiful, sweet Caroline.

Caroline is the definition of a beautiful, blue-eyed baby girl. Her display of content when in Emily or Justin's arms simply showed how great of parents Emily and Justin already are. Already loving the people Emily and Justin are- their way to adapt to parenthood is my idea of how it should be, effortless.

As we photographed Caroline, up close and from afar, I immediately noticed the perfect combination of Emily and Justin. From her blue eyes, to her adorable hair line, there's no denying Caroline is the perfect result of the love that Emily and Justin share.

I can't say enough how much of a joy it has been to simply be around Emily and Justin over the past couple years with prior sessions. We are humbled and grateful to have been able to see and capture their journey into parenthood. I have no doubts when I say Caroline is in great hands. The love Justin and Emily have for each other effortlessly transitions into their love they show for Caroline. Not only are Emily and Justin lucky to have such a blessing- Caroline is beyond lucky to have such great parents. Congratulations, once again! We couldn't be more happy for you.

Kyle and I had the pleasure of meeting Sam and Daniel through Emily. As we were scheduling Emily's maternity session she introduced me to the idea of also taking her friend, Sam's, maternity photos as well! I was excited to learn that Emily and Sam were essentially, going through their pregnancies on the same timeline. Our first encounter with Sam and Daniel was at the Culpeper Fire Department. This setting alone allowed Kyle and I to get a very firm grasp on what Sam and Daniel held close to them- the need to help and be there for people- two qualities I find essential to being an extraordinary parent. I immediately felt at ease after meeting Sam. Her genuine smile and warmth while pregnant shown even brighter when taking photos of her handsome newborn, Dallas.

Seeing as how Dallas and Caroline were born only two days apart- Sam and Emily found it fitting to have their photos taken together. Switching back and forth between Dallas and Caroline during little fusses and feedings- you could see the maternal instinct in Sam as she would comfort Dallas. Holding the sessions in Sam and Daniel's home it was easy to see they were well-prepared and eager to have Dallas. His nursery was a beautiful display of the love and need to protect Dallas and his well-being as parents- this was something that I found especially special.

We couldn't have been more lucky to have gotten this little grin pictured above. Dallas, you are so handsome. Dallas' willingness, as a newborn, to allow us to reposition, move him here, move him there, and still crack a smile for us is more than we could've asked for.

Sam and Daniel, thank you for welcoming us into your home and allowing us to be unintentionally rearrange your home for the day. You both are a joy to be around and we couldn't be more thankful to have been introduced to you and capture your journey into parenthood as well. Just as Caroline, Dallas is just as lucky to have you as you are to have him. Best of luck into your new chapter in life!

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