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Wedding season is finally here! With that said, Kyle and I were able to ring in the start of it all with the most beautiful, loving couple, Jennifer + Mark. After being legally married for over a year now, Jennifer + Mark celebrated their love and commitment with their friends and family at the beautiful Red Rose Banquet Center. Normally rain is a bride's worst nightmare. Luckily, with an inside venue, the rain was a distant worry.

Upon arrival, Mark and his groomsmen instantly made Kyle and I feel at ease. They welcomed us into their day as we were one of their own. Over small chit-chat while Mark's groomsmen were getting ready I asked Mark if he was ready for his big day. His response is one that gave me all the background I needed to know of his and Jennifer's relationship/ love for each other. He responded with, "February 12, 2016 was my day," (the day him and Jennifer were legally married the year prior), "Today is all about her, I don't need it to be about me, February 12 was my day, this is her day, I just want her to be happy." Shortly after our talk Jennifer arrived with her bridesmaid's and this is when I understood his love for her. Jennifer was the definition of effortlessly beautiful inside and out. She too gave me a sense of ease while photographing that is rare to come by.

Jennifer did not have to try. Regardless of the pose, angle, being stuck in an uncomfortably hot room, whatever the circumstance, she was beautiful. Her bridesmaid were the definition of what they should be. There to help her when she was in need, there to calm her when things seemed to get too hectic.

Their ceremony was one of the most laid-back, silly and most importantly, natural, that I've had the privilege of witnessing. Mark + Jennifer were so natural together it was easy to capture their love for each other.

One of the most enjoyable things to witness throughout the evening was Jennifer + Mark's connection with Jennifer's son, Mason. Let me tell you, that boy has some dance moves!

Jennifer + Mark's wedding party and families were such good sports during the formal photos. It can at times be stressful when photographing such a large wedding party but, Mark + Jennifer's bridesmaids and groomsmens were more than willing to "move here and take a step back, no, a step forward," while Kyle and I planned for the perfect lighting and position of their formal photos.

Now for the party...

Jennifer + Mark, thank you. Thank you for letting us capture your special day. Thank you for showing the meaning of love and thank you for making us feel at home around both you and your guests. Congratulations once again!

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