Rebecca & Seth

From Rebecca and Seth’s engagement session to their wedding they have been such a joy to work with. Their wedding day was filled with the same joy, flexibility, love and willingness as their engagement session. Rebecca’s smile and Seth’s calm persona made it incredibly easy to work with this amazing couple. Their venue was nestled back a long, dirt driveway on the top of one of the many hills below a mountain near the TN/ VA state line. I absolutely love the outdoors and this was by far one of the most beautiful outdoor, mountain surrounded, peaceful venues I’ve ever been to. Rebecca’s elegant color choice and homemade decorations transformed an ordinary barn into a beautiful, love filled building. Their day was absolutely beautiful incorporating both of their favorite things. Rebecca’s being alpaca’s (YES- real alpaca’s!) and Seth’s being a Star Wars cake. By the end of the evening we had captured so many amazing memories that I couldn’t help but edit on our four hour car ride home. I will say, there is something about Seth and Rebecca that makes them feel as if they were family. I will miss working with them in the months to come and can only hope we have the privillege of photographing their anniversary’s. Here’s to many years of happiness, laughs and love, Rebecca and Seth! Much love!

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